You can create your very own Organic Vegetable Garden

Wouldn’t you love an Organic Vegetable Garden?

Your own Veggie Patch to provide you with the freshest, tastiest veggies, nutrients not chemicals for the kid’s school lunchbox, do your bit for the environment and save money? What better excuse to spend more time outside mucking around in the garden...

Organic Vegetable Garden

Think you need a degree in worms and compost? Not so.

Stick with me and you'll be eating your own home grown veggies in no time! I'll share with you some great organic gardening information and some Vegetable Gardening Hints and Tips to make your organic vegetable garden part of your lifestyle.

Starting a veggie patch from scratch can seem a bit daunting, but that's why I'm here, to make it a bit easier for you.

What is Organic anyway? It can quite simply be gardening without harmful chemicals. The way it was done before chemicals were invented (almost so old it’s new again!).

But it's really more than that. You will be working with nature not against it. You will be conserving water, improving your Organic Garden Soil and looking after beneficial insects.

Start small if you want, I guarantee you’ll get addicted so then we can get more involved, we’ll make Compost and check out worm farms, get rid of the weeds and don't forget herbs! Organic Herb Gardening is so easy will add so much to your garden. Fresh herbs for your cooking and companion plants for your veggies.

If you don't have room for full size fruit trees, try a Dwarf Fruit Tree or three. These are great for tropical areas to as it's easier to control nasty insects like fruit fly.

What about raising chickens? We have three chickens and they're a great addition to the garden. The kids loving collecting the eggs and the eggs taste so much better.

If you have a small garden you can still have a veggie patch using Container Gardening ideas. Use ideas such as Vertical Gardening, Patio Gardening, Indoor Gardening and Growing Potatoes in a container.

If you're just starting out, go at your own pace; don’t try to do it all at once. Bookmark this site and come back when you’re ready to move on to your next organic vegetable garden project.

So what are we waiting for? Let's get those seeds (organic of course!), dig up a veggie patch or put in that raised garden bed and let's get planting. Oh before you grab that shovel, get a cup of tea and keep looking around my site; I'd love to have you stay for awhile.

Organic Vegetable Garden Blog
Welcome to the Organic Vegetable Garden Blog. This is the place to keep up to date with all the new info, hints and tips direct from my organic veggie patch to yours ...
Vegetable Garden Tips, Your Questions
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Vegetable Gardening Tips, Organic Gardening Tips
Lots of Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips to help create an even better organic veggie patch
Vegetable Garden Planning, Organic Gardening Planning, Vegetable Gardening
I'll show you the best ways to get your Organic Vegetable Garden Planning right to ensure maximum benefit from your vegetable garden!
Raised Bed Gardening, No Dig Garden, Lasagne Gardening
Raised Bed Gardening can make your Organic Vegetable Gardening easier and more successful
Container Gardening for Small Spaces, Patio Gardening
So you don't have a huge backyard? No problems, with container gardening there are so many ways you can grow veggies without much space
Raising Chickens, Raising Baby Chickens, Free Range Eggs
Raising Chickens in your backyard is a fantastic addition to your organic vegetable garden. Free range eggs really do taste the best. I have some great info for you.
Worm Farm, Compost, Vermiculture
A Worm Farm is fantastic for your organic vegetable garden, I'll show you how to keep a worm farm or add them to your garden, what to feed them and how to look after them.
Organic Herb Gardening, Herb Gardening, Container Gardening
I Love my Herbs and you will too with heaps of tips for Organic Herb Gardening right here...
Growing Tomatoes, Nightshade Plants, Vertical Gardening
Growing Tomatoes is a must have for any Organic Vegetable Garden, easy to grow and so many different varieties!
Growing Garlic, Organic Garlic
Garlic is a must have for so many dishes, growing garlic in your own garden is easy so plant some soon.
Growing Potatoes, Grow Potatoes in a Bag, Nightshade Plants
You don't need a lot of room for growing potatoes. Just grab a bag, soil and some seed potatoes and you're set! Potatoes in a bag.
Growing Pineapples, Pineapple Facts
Growing Pineapples at home is fun (although a bit of patience is required). Don't throw away that Pineapple top, plant it, I'll tell you how.
Growing Strawberries
Add a sweet touch to your Veggie Patch by Growing Strawberries... Then dip them in chocolate and enjoy!
Companion Planting, Organic Vegetable Garden, Organic Garden Pest Control
Companion Planting is a fantastic concept for your Organic Vegetable Garden. I've included a list of good and bad companion plants and many other vegetable gardening tips.
Natural Pesticides, Vegetable Garden Pests
Keep your garden healthy naturally with these recipes for natural pesticides
organic weed control, organic gardening weed control
The best tips on Organic Weed Control methods to get rid of those pesky weeds. You'll save money and your organic vegetable garden will thank you!
Organic Garden Soil, Vegetable Garden Soil
Having healthy,organic garden soil is a must for your organic vegetable garden. I'll share some ideas to help you get your soil in tip top shape.
Organic Gardening Compost, Mushroom Compost, Weed Tea Compost
Organic Gardening Compost! How to make Compost for your Organic Vegetable Garden? Well, let me share some great compost ideas with you.
Mulching a Vegetable Garden, Organic Vegetable Garden
All your how to's and why's to's for mulching a vegetable garden answered here...
Unique Gift Ideas, Last Minute Gift Ideas,
Are you looking for unique gift ideas for Christmas, Birthdays, any ocassion really! Incorporate ideas from your garden and voila! fantastic gift ideas...
Gardening With Kids
Gardening with Kids is great, they love to help in the garden. If they help to grow those green things, they may just want to eat them! Lots of indoor crafts too.
Flower Pot Crafts, Clay Pot Crafts, Gardening with Kids
Flower Pot Crafts are a great gift idea for any special occassion. Get the kids to help out and voila! great homemade Christmas gift ideas
Coloring Pages to Print, Free Kids Coloring Pages
Your kids will love these Garden Coloring Pages to Print and color. You'll find a bee, turtle, frog, even a giraffe.
Word Search Printables, Free Printable Word Search Puzzles
Kids love being outside in the garden. If you want to keep them busy inside try these fun and free Word Search Printables
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