Container Gardening

for Small Spaces

container gardening

You can create your Organic Vegetable Garden using Container Gardening ideas for small spaces.

Not everyone has a big backyard, no excuses though, you don't need one...

Pots make a great addition to any garden so read on

Make sure you stay on this page even if do you have plenty of room – you'll still get some great ideas. In fact, many of these ideas can be used to reduce pests and diseases so will be a great addition for your organic veggie patch.

Are you renting? Then Vegetable Container Gardening may be best for you.

What about no yard at all? Then it's Patio Gardening, Apartment Gardening or Balcony Gardening for you. No problems.

OK, so you don't even have a balcony!? Let's look at what you can grow inside with ideas for Indoor Gardening.

Let's not limit our veggie patch to veggies though. Let's add some dwarf fruit trees. Yep, you can have an orange tree on your balcony.

My favorite concept: Vertical Gardening. I love this idea as it helps to keep away pests and diseases (especially soil borne diseases), keeps your plants from sprawling all over the garden and saves space. You can use it for many veggies as well as fruit trees.

When setting up container vegetable gardens or a container herb garden (or both) you will need to use good quality potting mix with good drainage. Keep the plants moist not wet and feed with a slow release fertilizer.

Seeds can be coated in chemicals so when buying your seeds, make sure they are organic.

So now I've given you some ideas, here is more detail for each concept.

- Vegetable Container Gardening

- Patio Gardening, Apartment Gardening or Balcony Gardening

- Indoor Gardening

- Vertical Gardening

- Dwarf Fruit Tree

- Potatoes in a container

"Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas." ~ Elizabeth Murray

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