Flower Pot Crafts

Great Gift Idea!

flower pot crafts

I love Flower Pot Crafts! Gardening with kids is a great way to get them involved in the vegetable garden but we can’t spend all our time outside.

I have some ideas for Garden crafts for the kids (and you of course)

Let's start with Flower Pot Crafts (Clay Pot Crafts)

Decorating a flower pot or a terracotta clay pot is a great craft activity, the kids can keep them or make them for presents. Make more sophisticated ones for aunties and grandmas or keep them fun and colourful for the kids to give to their friends and cousins. Flower Pot Crafts make great presents for Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, or any occasion.

A "flowering" flower pot would make a fantastic present for Mother's Day. A pot decorated with eggs and chickens, filled with straw or shredded paper would make a very cute Easter Basket.

Decorating your Pot

You can decorate it so many ways, the only limit is your imagination:
  • Paints – flowers and butterflies look great

  • Cut out some pictures and do some decoupage. Decoupage - cover the entire surface with pictures then keep applying layers of clear finish. For your garden pot, just apply as much clear finish as will protect it – not as many layers as traditional decoupage.

  • Crayons will work on clay pots. Get the kids to draw some flowers or garden insects. Great for the grandparents.

  • Personalise it – get your child to write or paint their friend’s name on it.

  • Glue some beads, small pom poms, stickers, whatever craft items you have lying about. Have in mind what you want to use the pot for before you make it – pom poms will get soggy outside!

More "sophisticated" Flower Pot Craft ideas

  • Glue rope around the pot. You could add a tin flower, plant name tag or something to brighten it up.

  • Paint a stripe around it and write herb names on them. Then use them to set up a mini Herb Garden

  • Decoupage as above – could use photos of the grandkids. Or just one really nice photo or picture. Varnish to seal.

The Finishing Touch

You can seal the inside of the pot with an acrylic sealant if you are NOT going to use the pot for plants. Visit your craft shop to get the right stuff.

If using the pot for plants – leave the inside but seal the outside if you need to protect your design from water. Get a sealer from your hardware or paint shop.

Potted Colour

Work out who the pots are going to go to so you can plant a bulb or some flower seeds and have it started growing when you give it for a pressie. You’ll need to know the month you want to give the pot so the plant will be starting to grow just in time.

So many other ideas…

Decorating is just one idea, there are many craft ideas you can make with clay pots and saucers.

Gift Baskets
  • Gardening gift basket – use a clay pot as the “basket” and fill with gardening items (small bag of potting soil, tools, gloves, seeds, bulbs, water crystals, gardening magazine)

  • Paint up a pot and fill with whatever items suit the occasion. kitchen items (utensils, spices, gourmet jams), new baby present, housewarming – anything that you would usually put in a gift basket. Using a clay pot is so much nicer as you can personalise the pot.

  • Put all of the craft items in the pot so your child or their friend can make their own design. You could even put in letter stickers for their name.

Gifts for the garden
clay pot crafts birdbath

  • Wind chimes with the small pots or even a door bell

  • Bird feeder using a large saucer

  • Make a bird bath – stack two large pots on top of each other, bottom of pots touching, then put a large saucer on top. Glue together.

I have some other Unique Gift Ideas for you for those family and friends with a "green thumb".

Photo courtesy of GrayDog on Flickr

For some more ideas of keeping the kids amused, you may enjoy these coloring pages to print or some garden inspired Word Search Printables.

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