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With Organic Vegetable Gardening it can be a little trickier - what natural pesticides to use, the best mulch, fertilizer that boosts the veggies and helps your soil in the long term...

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vine borer revenge! 
This year I've had some issues with my squash, I thought it was a disease rotting my vines when infact it was bugs! these squash vine borers attacked my …

Companion Planting 
Do NOT have Mint and Parsley any where near one and other,even in separate pots, If you do one or the other will GO TO HEAVEN. ________________ Thanks …

Upside Down Tomatoes 
Did you know you can grow tomatoes upside down? You can buy a Topsy Turvey product from the hardware store or do what Shelley has done and make your own. …

How to Use Dandelions? 
We all know... okay, one or two of us know, that dandelions are really healthy for us. We found a recipe for dandelion jelly - doesn't that sound yummy? …

Citrus Diseases 
Are my citrus okay inside if they look crappy on the outside?? Lemon and Orange skins all mottled. 2 yr old trees. Cheers Kirsty Thanks for …

Double your Compost 
Compost can take a while to break down and be ready to use in your garden. Solution! Have two compost bins or heaps . This is what I do. Once …

Is a Banana a Herb? 
Hi I have a banana tree in my yard and was asked by a friend is a banana a herb or is a banana a fruit? I have no idea! Thanks for your great …

Weed and Feed the veggie patch Not rated yet
Which plant can I get to keep the weeds out of Veggie Patch. At the same time feed the patch. --- Thanks for your question Michael. Some tips to weed …

Eggplant Flowers Falling Off Not rated yet
I'm hoping that you can help me with my eggplant problem. I have been trying to solve it for quite awhile. I live in Hawaii and have 4 egglants. I water …

Any tips for Growing Mushrooms at Home? Not rated yet
I'd like to Grow Mushrooms at home but have no idea how. Do you have any information on Growing Mushrooms? ----------------------- Hi Francine I …

first crop for a recently dug vegetable patch Not rated yet
When you first dig over soil to plant, dig it up once then leave it. All the dormant weed seeds will have been brought up to the surface and they will …

Green Manure Boost Not rated yet
Never leave soil bare. Once you have harvested your crop, sow a green manure. Mustard, phacelia, clover, etc. Mustard disinfects, clover fixes nitrogen. …

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