Word Search Printables

keep the kids busy, inside

word search printables

These Word Search Printables are great fun. Gardening with kids is such good fun. We can't spend all our time outside though, so these are great:

  • for when the kids get bored
  • to put in a Party Favor box for kids parties
  • even to send with a Birthday Card

These free printable word search puzzles are in PDF format, so nice and safe for your PC. If you don't have a PDF reader download Adobe Reader here for free.

These games have an easier version. All the letters used for the hidden words are a different color. This might help the younger kids find the words a little easier.


Ladybug Easier Version

Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies Easier Version

More Garden Craft Projects from the Kids Patch

These free Coloring Pages to Print and color in are so cute, the kids will love them.

Flower Pot Crafts make great gift ideas - a craft with a purpose!

Have a look at www.Parties-and-Picnics.com for more free party games. Including:

  • Themed Trivia Games,
  • More Word Searches to print,
  • What am I?,
  • and

  • Free Coloring Print Pages.

That should keep those kids busy for awhile. :)

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