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Garden Goals 2018

Organic Vegetable Gardening Goals for 2018 Veggie Patch I'm not sure if I should call these GOALS or Ideas or perhaps my Gardening Bucket List. Basically,

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Change of Seasons

Get ready for a new season by planning ahead. Know what you want to plant, have the seeds purchased and plant them in seed raising trays several weeks prior so they'll be nice healthy seedlings when it's ready for planting time.

Don't forget your herbs - and add some flowers too :)

If you're resting a bed add some mulch on top so the soil doesn't dry out too much. Consider growing some green manure to add some nitrogen to the soil.

Happy gardening...

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Vegetable Garden Planning, Organic Gardening Planning, Vegetable Gardening

I'll show you the best ways to get your Organic Vegetable Garden Planning right to ensure maximum benefit from your vegetable garden!

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Worm Farm, Compost, Vermiculture

A Worm Farm is fantastic for your organic vegetable garden, I'll show you how to keep a worm farm or add them to your garden, what to feed them and how to look after them.

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Unique Gift Ideas, Last Minute Gift Ideas,

Are you looking for unique gift ideas for Christmas, Birthdays, any ocassion really! Incorporate ideas from your garden and voila! fantastic gift ideas...

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Growing Pineapples, Pineapple Facts

Growing Pineapples at home is fun (although a bit of patience is required). Don't throw away that Pineapple top, plant it, I'll tell you how.

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It's Christmas (in July!)

What's the best reason to have a Christmas in July theme party? Apart from the presents of course :)

You get to celebrate in the "opposite" season than you usually do. Have a summer (or winter) Christmas Party instead.

Ask the guests to dress Santa style or at least in red and white. Get out the Xmas tree (possibly hold off on setting up those lights on the house :)

Gifts - ask everyone to bring a small gift (give a $ amount to spend) for a secret santa gift.

Why not cook a traditional meal from a country that has the weather you will be having in July.

In Australia it's hot - the middle of summer for Xmas. I remember one lunch, we had watermelon only, it was too hot to even think about eating anything else. Traditional here to have a good roast with all the trimmings :) Crazy to have a hot meal in the middle of summer and a lot of families have a cold meat and salad or seafood lunch instead.

Enjoy and have fun :) oh and Merry Christmas

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What are you planting next season?

It's winter here and the veggies are growing great guns. I'm in a sub tropical climate so summer = bugs here! So... I LOVE winter gardening, not so many critters.

Make sure you're ready for the next season so you can get the seeds started in time. I like to have something in my seed growing tray at all times :)

Enjoy your garden :)

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Flower Pot Crafts, Clay Pot Crafts, Gardening with Kids

Flower Pot Crafts are a great gift idea for any special occassion. Get the kids to help out and voila! great homemade Christmas gift ideas

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organic weed control, organic gardening weed control

The best tips on Organic Weed Control methods to get rid of those pesky weeds. You'll save money and your organic vegetable garden will thank you!

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Indoor Gardening, Growing Mushrooms, Herb Gardening

Have no room outside? You can still have an Organic Vegetable Garden, just do some indoor gardening

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Mulching a Vegetable Garden, Organic Vegetable Garden

All your how to's and why's to's for mulching a vegetable garden answered here...

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Gardening With Kids

Gardening with Kids is great, they love to help in the garden. If they help to grow those green things, they may just want to eat them! Lots of indoor crafts too.

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Raising Chickens, Raising Baby Chickens, Free Range Eggs

Raising Chickens in your backyard is a fantastic addition to your organic vegetable garden. Free range eggs really do taste the best. I have some great info for you.

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Ezine madness!

I've been very slack in my EZine updates. Now both kids are at school there are no more excuses! (except during the holidays :)

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