About Me and my Organic Veggie Patch

This page is to tell you a little bit about me and my organic veggie patch...

A little bit about me and my Organic Veggie Patch:

I created this website to share my passion with you. I love to research to keep up with new ideas. You can expect this site to keep changing as I find more ways to make our organic gardening easier and more successful.

It's also a great excuse to spend more time outside "practicing".

I am at home with my two gorgeous kids. My husband, Michael is a landscaper, which comes in handy when I want a raised veggie garden whipped up, or a chook house built!

We live in a beautiful part of South East Queensland, Australia. The weather is great and the views are amazing. Being sub-tropical we get sooo many pests and diseases that some other states in Australia just don't get (some others get worse).

We have great soil so we can pretty much grow anything. It's hard as rock at the moment but when it rains it will be black, sticky mud! Our main challenges here are frost and fruit fly – then there’s the chooks, birds, fruit bats…..

My son Alistair is five and all he wants to do is go outside. This is fine by me as I get to spend more time in the garden. Alistair loves the chooks and they seem quite taken with him too.

Charlotte, my eight year old, loves to look after the veggies, pick herbs and water the gardens. Now I just have to work out how to get her to eat the veggies! I call her my fruitarian carnivore.

While I've always loved veggie gardening it's becoming more of a must do now that I have kids. They eat so much! I'm getting frustrated by the prices and quality of the food at the shops. Also I NEED to get outside and get some fresh air – there is only so much housework you can do!

I guess my veggie gardens have always been organic but there were times when it seemed easier to spray with something or throw out some snail pellets. Since having children, I have become a lot more aware of chemicals, their impact on our bodies and the environment and how you just don't need them. I don't use them inside the house and I don’t use them outside either.

There's a lot more information available now and I look forward to seeing organic and natural becoming "normal" once again.

For my last birthday I asked for a Herb Garden next to the house entrance – for easy access. So landscaping hubby built me a fantastic raised herb garden. My friends seemed to think this was a bit of a strange present request (maybe I was meant to ask for diamonds?!?), I got a lot of "O, that’s nice" comments. Funnily enough, they now ALL have a raised veggie garden of their own!

Seems this Organic Vegetable Gardening is contagious! I hope it is for you too.

Enough chitter chatter, there's a compost bin outside that needs my attention! If anyone wants me I'll be out in the garden (you'll find hubby inside doing the dishes!)

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"The trouble with gardening is that it does not remain an avocation.

It becomes an obsession."

~ Phyllis McGinley

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