Any tips for Growing Mushrooms at Home?

by Francine
(Qld, Australia)

Mushrooms in a box

Mushrooms in a box

Mushrooms in a box
Inside the mushroom kit

I'd like to Grow Mushrooms at home but have no idea how. Do you have any information on Growing Mushrooms?

Hi Francine

I have grown mushrooms successfully using Mushroom Kits. You can buy these at a hardware shop or garden center.

They are pretty simple as you'll see by the photo's I added above. You buy a box of mushrooms and follow the instructions that are included. You keep the box in a cool dark place and don't forget to water it.

These can be $20 for a box so if you look after them you should get your money's worth. You'll get a few months worth of mushrooms.

If you forget to water them (because they are hidden away in a cool dark place!) then it's no so economical.

Mushroom Compost

The spent mushroom compost does not get reused so it can be added to your garden or compost bin.

Mushroom compost is a great addition to your soil. If buying soil to top up your garden or Raised Garden Bed then get a mix of organic soil and (organic) mushroom compost.

Put a note on the fridge to remind yourself to water them and happy mushroom growing!


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