Companion Planting List

A Companion Planting List to assist you when you are planning your veggie patches.

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Companion Planting List in alpha order

Not everyone agrees...

This Companion Plant List includes as many as I can find, in alphabetical order to make it easy to find your favourites. Not everyone agrees and where some list a plant as a good buddy, others will list it as a bad buddy, typical!

It is really helpful to know why a plant is a Good or Bad Buddy so you plant the most important ones, so I have added a Why? column.

Are you trying to imagine planting out a garden making sure plant A isn’t in the same bed as plant B but is in the same bed as plant X? This could certainly put you in a tail spin. So, I have some easy planning tips for you.

Most references I have found have tomatoes and cucumbers as good companions, however, some don't agree. This may be because they attract some of the same bad bugs.

I hope this Companion Planting List will help you with your Vegetable Garden Planning.

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