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Do NOT have Mint and Parsley any where near one and other,even in separate pots, If you do one or the other will GO TO HEAVEN.


Thanks for sharing this Beano. Both of these plants are a great addition to the organic herb garden.

You'll find both on the internet "I grow both together and no problems" and "keep these plants away from each other" like my reader has suggested above.

I suggest: stay on the safe side. Keep the mint in a pot as they can become invasive, don't let it get dry as they don't tolerate dry soil very well and keep away from the parsley.

The reason why? I'm still searching for that!

There are many reasons why some plants shouldn't be planted together.

Cross pollination of plants - one plant can take on the flavour of another!

Soil diseases - potatoes and tomatoes shouldn't be grown in the same soil twice to avoid soil diseases.

Pests - some will attract the right kind of insect to the garden but some will attract the wrong kind.

Choking out - mint is invasive so if in the herb garden could choke out other herbs.

Don't panic too much - just remember if you're plant is not looking well, it could be more than just "not enough water or fertilizer". Gardening can be trial and error at times but give it a go and I assure you you'll have more successes than failures.

Here is some more info on Companion Planting.


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by: grannie sue

from my 'companion planting' bible, "parsley will do well if interplanted with peppermint".

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