Double your Compost

by Angela
(Adelaide, South Australia)

Compost can take a while to break down and be ready to use in your garden.

Solution! Have two compost bins or heaps. This is what I do.

Once bin 1 is full, leave it to do its thing and start adding to your bin number 2. When your bin 1 is ready to use - do a final top up of bin number 2 and leave it. It doesn't need to be full.

Then spread your compost from bin 1 around your garden for mulch or in your veggie patch and then you can start adding to bin number 1 again.

With only one bin, it is tempting to continually add to it but then it never seems ready to use.

By using two bins I always seem to have some compost ready to use.

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Great Idea
by: Leah

Thanks Liz

This is a great idea - not only to add some comfrey to the garden but to put it near the compost bin. This will make it easy to remember to add some each time.


Comfrey Helps To Break Down Compst
by: Liz

I suggest that you could grow comfrey. I have plants next to my compost bin. Every time I feed the bin I harvest comfrey.

It not only helps to break down the compost, but it also adds essential nutrients to the mix.

Just make sure that you keep it confined to one spot though as it can become out of control as even a small root will grow another plant.

I know I have quite a few plants now!

Good luck


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