Dwarf Fruit Tree

Even if you have the room you may want to consider adding a Dwarf Fruit Tree or two in your Organic Vegetable Garden.

Where I live, we have bad fruit fly and frosts so I am going to plant these so I can cover them with netting for protection.

If you combine a dwarf fruit tree with vertical gardening you can have apples on your patio. Just add sunshine!

There is a huge range available so you don’t have compromise on quality.

Benefits include:

  • Space saving, can be grown in pots, you can move them around and take them with you if you move

  • Easier to manage for pests, diseases and frosts.

  • If you have no garden but do have a patio, these are great for Patio Gardening. Imagine picking an orange for brekky straight off the Balcony!

How to look after them:
  • If you are going to use a container you’ll need to start with a rich potting mix. If planting in the ground, make sure your Organic Garden Soil is of good quality, dig in some compost if need be.

  • A slow release fertilizer every 6 months will keep them happy. Give your citrus trees "citrus food" fertilizer.

  • Keep your pot in a sunny position. This will mean it will need more water, use water crystals (organic) and some mulch on top to keep the soil from drying out.

  • You will need to re-pot your tree at least every two years.

  • Prune the roots and tops. Prune the roots when you re-pot. Prune the tops when needed.

  • Fruit trees have their own host of pests and diseases. Do some research on these for the trees you choose once you get them home.

So now you have no excuse, off to the garden center with you! If your local garden center doesn't stock them, you should find an online stockist in your area.

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"Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,
and the soil and sky as canvas"

~ Elizabeth Murray

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