Easy Vegetable Garden Planning Method

Vegetable Garden Planning does need to be done right and it is worth spending a little extra time deciding where to plant those veggie seeds.

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Remember to plant some edible flowers too - they'll look great in your garden, in your salads and will help with companion planting.

What and When to Plant

Get your completed lists of Veggies and Herbs that you want to plant this season. Use these sheets for Veggies and Herbs or create your own in a spreadsheet program so you can add more columns and sort by season to plant.

Get one piece of A4 paper for each veggie patch.

Get one extra A4 sheet for Other. On this sheet write down plants that won’t be going into a patch and where you’ll put them, ie Passionfruit on water tank, garlic between rose bushes.

Get a pad of sticky notes and write the name of the veggies you can plant this season onto individual sticky notes.

Print out the Companion Planting list to find the Good Buddies and Bad Buddies

Now, using these lists, move the plants around until you find a good mix

Some other things to keep in mind for your vegetable garden planning:

So how do you know what season to plant your veggies?

Well you study a zone map of course, mmm sounds like fun doesn’t it!, here are some quicker ideas:

  • If you already have your seeds, look at the back of your seed packets. Choose your region or zone and write down the season on your Veggies List.

  • If buying your seeds in a store then read as you go and choose the veggies for the season

  • Do you have a book at home on Fruit and Veggies – these usually have a zone map.

  • A lot of veggies will have different varieties so to extend your picking season for your favourites, look for early and late varieties. (This also applies to fruit trees.)

My super easy, lazy planning method:

I bought my seeds online so I just bought all the ones I want to plant throughout the year, plus some flowers for companion planting and attracting the bees. When they arrive, I’ll sort them into season and add to my list. The bonus is I will have my season list for the whole year!

You really, really want to study a Zone Map?

You’ll find heaps of info on the Internet. Do a search on "Vegetable Planting" "Zone Map" + your area.

I hope you found this easy vegetable garden planning method helpful

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