first crop for a recently dug vegetable patch

by Fran
(Javea, Spain)

When you first dig over soil to plant, dig it up once then leave it.

All the dormant weed seeds will have been brought up to the surface and they will germinate! Do not despair, leave them to get to a manageable size then weed them out. Weed thoroughly. Dig over again.

If the land you are using is seriously overgrown and weedy and if you are really patient, cover the soil you intend to use for your veg patch with old carpet (wool side down) or really thick plastic, and leave it there for a year. This will kill off perennial weeds (the ones with the huge tap root that if you leave a tiny bit they grow back even stronger it seems!)

Potatoes are a good first crop as they break up the soil.

Another great land-clearing tip is to borrow a couple of goats or pigs to eat all the weeds and fertilise the soil for you! Then send them back to mummy and daddy!

Thanks so much for sharing these great tips. I have great soil here for growing veggies but it's also great for growing weeds too so I'll be using some of these tips - Leah

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