Garden Goals 2018

by Leah

Organic Vegetable Gardening Goals for 2018 Veggie Patch

I'm not sure if I should call these GOALS or Ideas or perhaps my Gardening Bucket List. Basically, it's just a brain dump of all the ideas I've seen, read, thought or heard that would be great to implement. I like eco, environment, health, family and fun! So here goes…

Items to stop using:

Plastic Straws

I don't buy these but it's hard to say no to a straw when buying a smoothie when you're out.

Balloons - just no need

Plastic Shopping Bags

I have bags that I take with me… most times. I must get better at taking them with me all the time. My bags are material, not those green bags that supermarkets sell.

Pre-Packaged Food

Reduce the amount of food purchased in plastic. Eat more Real Food. I need some recipes for the kids to replace store bought muesli bars, etc.

In the Garden:


Make another compost bin so that I have 2, then I can rotate and actually use the compost instead of just topping up one bin.


Always have seedlings growing. Head toward self sufficiency (may take awhile but keep on going!) Plan, plan and more planning so I don't miss a season / veggie


Grow more herbs and use them – need some ideas on how to use ie lemon balm tea, more ways to use mint, dry and store, what herbs can be frozen and how


Learn more about my soil and how to control weeds - nutgrass is a huge issue for my property


Make a list of plants that can and can't be grown in there. So far: Rats ate the kale but not the parsley or lettuce. Tomatoes didn't grow well. Frost was an issue.

I hope I've inspired you to make your list. I'll keep adding to mine over the year and keep checking in to remind myself throughout the year.

If everyone does a little – it will make a huge difference.

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