Gardening with Kids

Kids love to help and love to get dirty

Gardening with kids is great fun.

It's better if they can help rather than weed out your new seedlings! so I have some tips below.

There's also some indoor activities for those rainy days.

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Let's get gardening...

Give them their own patch to look after. Kids love their "own" things and it could help to keep them out of yours!

Let them help choose what to grow in their patch. Let them get involved with the whole process from selecting the plants, preparing the bed, sowing the seeds and looking after the plants.

Add some flowers to their patch. These will make the veggie patch look great, the kids can pick them and they'll help attract bees and good bugs to the garden.

Remember succession planting. The kids will probably want to plant their seeds all at once. Plant them out over a few weeks so there will be a longer harvest time.

Give them their own tools to use and look after. Don't be tempted to buy cute gimmicky kids tools, make sure they are hardy. a set of short handled garden tools will be fine.

Keep the chemicals away. OK there shouldn't be any chemicals in our Organic Vegetable Garden but even some natural sprays and fertilizers aren't safe for kids

Most of all, let them have fun and get dirty!

Outside gardening with children is great but for those times when you want the kids to be inside, here are some fun indoor – gardening activities for them.

Flower Pot Crafts

Fun and versatile garden crafts for kids. You can make these Flower Pot Crafts for presents or just for a fun craft day. Use for plants, herbs or bulbs, or to keep those special things in: pencils, hair bands, etc.

Coloring Pages

There’s a Giraffe in my garden! (I know, I know, I haven’t seen a giraffe in my garden lately either but…)

Print these Cute Coloring Pages. Choose from Ladybug, Bee, Turtle, Frog and don’t forget the Giraffe.

My favorite is the Frog – see how many different colors one frog can be.

Word Search

Fun and educational. Kids love Word Search games. You’ll find an easier version of each for the younger kids.

Choose from Ladybugs or Creepy Crawlies.

You’ll find heaps more free party games here at, including What am I?, Trivia games, more Coloring Pages and Word Search.

Gardening with kids - outdoors and indoors is great fun - enjoy!