Growing Strawberries

You'll love Growing Strawberries in your Veggie Patch. When it comes to growing fruit, one of the tastiest and most satisfying to grow is the Strawberry.

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So many reasons...

Planting strawberries is an excellent idea, they are easy to grow, taste great, no cooking required! and are also very healthy for you. Strawberries are high in Vitamin C, are also a great source of Vitamins K and B, potassium, copper, and surprisingly Omega 3 fatty acids. Its most touted benefit is in the elimination of free radicals.

How to Grow Strawberries

The first step is to select your strawberry plants. You can either purchase them from a local nursery or use a mail order service. Both options have their own benefits, with local nurseries having a better chance of guaranteeing their plants will be virus free and healthy whereas mail order services will offer you more varieties in strawberry types. There are three different types, the June Bearing, Ever Bearing, and Day Neutral varieties. June Bearing strawberries will produce a large crop once per season. Day Neutral strawberries produce fruit throughout summer. The last variety is that of the Ever Bearing strawberry which produces two crops- one in the spring and one in the fall.

When you plant your crop make sure you find the spot that will receive the most amount of sunlight throughout the day as strawberries love the sun and need a at least 6 hours of it a day to produce a healthy bounty. You should also be aware of how much water will accumulate in the spot you choose as well as strawberries do not grow well in soil that is over saturated with moisture. Once you have found the perfect spot it is time to plant them!

Your soil is important, don’t plant where grass has been recently in case there are still grubs in the soil. Don’t plant where tomatoes or other nightshade vegetables have grown in the last 2 – 3 yrs.

Growing strawberries in containers is a great idea for Patio Gardens or for any garden. Even with large veggie patches, some veggies will end up in pots. Strawberry Planters are great as they have several extra holes on the sides of the pots for your strawberry plants.

The best time to plant strawberries is right after the ground becomes workable in the spring. This allows the plants to get accustomed to their surroundings and get rooted properly before the hot months begin to set in. Also make sure that he ground is dry when you plant as well as planting strawberries in wet soil can kill or harm them. When you plant the strawberries, plant them so that the soil is just barely covering the roots of the plants.

There are three different planting methods you can employ, with each one working best with a specific type of strawberry plant. These three methods are the Matted Row System, Hill System, and Spaced Row System. When you have the plants successfully planted, give them about an inch of water and an inch of water a week if there is little rainfall.

Strawberry Plant Care

Check your plants every few days. Keep an eye out for bugs as they can quickly eat your fruit. Add some mulch to keep the weeds out and the moisture in.

Free Plants

Cut the runners from your plants and put in a small pot, ready for planting out next year. Your plants will last a few years so look after them during the cold months (they don’t like frost). Keep them almost covered with straw during the cold season to keep the soil warm and frost off the plants.


Grow strawberries in your Organic Vegetable Garden, a fun and satisfying process from beginning to end, with the end result being juicy, tasty strawberries ready to devour.