You've got the Herb Gardening down pat...

So now let's use those Herbs

Herbs and spices add so much flavour to your dishes. Getting the right combination can be tricky but well worth the effort.

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Bouquet Garni
What a wonderful tradition! Gather your herbs – Bay leaf, parsley, marjoram and thyme - tie them together or put into a muslin square and tie this up. Then add to your casserole, soup or stew. Remove the stalks after cooking.

Use crystallized in cakes, biscuits and marmalades

Use fresh leaves in salads, great with steamed vegetables and shellfish.
Use Aniseed in cookies and apple pies.

Great with most Italian dishes: Pizza, Pesto, tomato dishes, pasta, eggs, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, squash, spinach, green salads. When growing tomatoes use Basil as a companion plant.

Freeze: wash and dry the leaves and store in a freezer bag.

Pesto: will keep in the fridge for up to 7 days or can be frozen.

Bay Leaves
Part of bouquet garni, great in soups and stews, poached fish, marinades

To dry bay leaves: pick off the leaves, spread out on paper or wire rack and put where they will dry quickly. Pack into an airtight container.

Tip: bay leaves will keep pantry moths out of your pantry

Young leaves in salads, blue cheese pasta, great herb for pork

Oh and if you're whipping up an aftershave - don't forget to add some bergamot!

Seeds flavour breads, pasta, cabbage, parsnips, peas, cakes, biscuits, baked apples

Omelettes, salads, soups, mayonnaise, use with cream cheese as a dip, great garnish

Add during the last 5 minutes of cooking so you don’t lose the flavour.

Fresh garlic and onion chives can be frozen. Or make into a herb butter and freeze.

Seeds a must for curries, fruit cakes, gingerbread, biscuits, pastries and bread.
Fresh leaves with chicken, lamb, fish, vegetable dishes, Asian style salads.

Add leaves sparingly when cooking.

Leaves and seeds for soups, salads, white sauces, egg dishes, seafood, cheese, pickles, vinegar. Roast meat, lamb, veal, chicken, add to gravy, sprinkle over buttered vegetables.

Fresh leaves and seeds for soups, fish, cottage cheese, bread

Garlic butter, Stews, Italian dishes, omelettes, lamb, roast vegetables

Note:Garlic from a jar is more concentrated

Try to get into the habit of adding garlic to your dishes as it's great for the immune system.

If you have excess garlic, mince and add to butter, then freeze. You'll be able to make your own garlic or herb bread whenever you want.

Curries, pickles, chutneys, vegetables, Chinese dishes, cakes, biscuits

Pork, beef, shellfish, poultry

Lamb, salads, vegetables, drinks, stewed peaches, apricots

Lemon Balm
Summer drinks, salads, pork, lamb, chicken stuffings

Lemon Verbena
Use in place of lemon zest, Punches, summer drinks, fruit salads

Lemon Grass
Thai dishes, curries, salads

Italian dishes, tomatoes, pumpkin, growing potatoes, meat, rice

Lamb (mint jelly/ mint sauce), add to peas or new potatoes just before serving, use in desserts and in iced drinks, fruit salads

Looks great in salads

A must when Organic Herb Gardening as it makes a great companion plant.

Use like Marjoram in Italian dishes, tomatoes, pumpkin, potatoes, meat, rice

Part of bouquet garni used in stews and meat dishes, fresh leaves are very versatile – salads, soups, scrambled eggs, vegetables, stews, fish.

Italian flat leaf parsley has a stronger flavor than the curly leaf variety.

Add at end of cooking to keep the flavor.

A must Herb for herb gardening as it's so versatile.

Roast lamb, can be used in savory and sweet dishes. Try in fruit salads, soups, vegetables, meats, fish, eggs, stuffings, dressings and desserts

Stuffings, meat, soups, salads, cold drinks

Pineapple Sage
Add to a banana smoothie or vanilla ice cream, fruit salad, iced tea, bread, chicken, even add to soap!

Very peppery flavour: Sauces, seasoning for green vegetables, drinks

Sorrel has a lemon flavour: Use as salad greens (use smaller young leaves), soups with a tomato or fish base, sauces, vegetable purees

Does not dry well but you can puree the leaves and freeze.

Add in the last few minutes of cooking.

Stevia can be used as a healthy sugar-free substitute. A lot healthier option than sugar and you can include it in your herb garden.

Chicken, fish, vegetables, dressings and mayonnaise

Use sparingly so not to overwhelm your recipe.

A must have in your bouquet garni, casseroles and meat dishes, zucchini, tomatoes

Store in the fridge for up to a week, wrap in damp paper towels then in plastic wrap. To freeze, put branches on a tray, when frozen, remove and strip leaves. Put the leaves into a container and return to freezer.

Cooking with herbs will make any dish extra tasty!

Enjoy your Herb Gardening, a great addition to your Organic Vegetable Garden!

Some info on this page is from my "Favourite Herbs" book - it's a Family Circle book that is pretty old now! published in 1992 by Murdoch Books.

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