How to Use Dandelions?

by Lora
(Pa., USA)

Dandelion (weed or feed?)

Dandelion (weed or feed?)

We all know... okay, one or two of us know, that dandelions are really healthy for us.

We found a recipe for dandelion jelly - doesn't that sound yummy?

As I was trying to figure out what to do with the greens we decided on a salad, but I thought that they were on the bitter side.

Can the dandelion greens be cooked? Or were they bitter because they were "over ripe" so to speak?

Any ideas on how or when we should be using this fancy weed that most people try to kill?

Thanks for your question. Yes dandelion leaves can be a bit bitter so see my tip below...

Dandelions are rich in vitamins so if you have some in your yard, don't spray them, eat them!

Leaves – You can use in a salad, raw. Harvest before it goes to flower if you can as it will be less bitter. Try your hand at a dandelion soup.

Stalks – not usually eaten – good for the compost though.

Root – you can cook this – just clean, cut and boil or roast – apparently not the tastiest but it is edible.

Blossoms – cut off the green bit (too bitter) or get creative and make some wine or dandelion tea.

you'll find plenty of recipes online - enjoy your wild greens!


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Dandelion uses
by: Jane

We make green juices every day and include dandelions in these, we eat them raw too however they are quite bitter, We cut and dry the root to make tea and the leaves can also be dried and made into tea. Great cancer fighter.

Thank You
by: Lora

Ahhh - Thanks!

I figured that the greens were as bitter as they were do to over maturity.

I was reading on the health benefits of the dandelion and it is a truly amazing (yet misunderstood lol) plant.

I wish you would write a whole section on dandelions! If you do, I'll be sure to read it.

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