Is a Banana a Herb?

by Sonya
(South Australia)


I have a banana tree in my yard and was asked by a friend is a banana a herb or is a banana a fruit? I have no idea!

Thanks for your great question Sonya.

Is Banana a herb? Or is Banana a fruit?

Here’s the answer:

The banana itself IS a fruit (and a delicious one at that).

in Australia you cannot grow a banana tree from the fruit as the seeds in commercial fruit are usually sterile.

The tree, however, is not a tree but an herbaceous plant or 'herb'. The stem of the "tree" does not contain true woody tissue, therefore is not classed as a tree.

From - "A technical definition of the banana plant? A giant herbaceous monocotyledonous perennial with a horizontal underground rhizome of the Genus Musa." Now that’s a mouthful!

When it comes to Bananas – they’re healthy, they taste good and they’re great in smoothies and cakes.

So now we’ve sorted that out, get some over ripe bananas and whip up a banana cake Yum!

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Thanks for the question Sonya
by: Leah

Great question. I have a lady finger banana 'tree' in the back yard with some bunches of green bananas on them. I must look after them so we get to eat them :)

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