Use Organic Weed Control
to get rid of those pesky weeds.

I love weeding, maybe it's my form of mediation!

But... I'm assuming most "normal" people don't like weeds!

I have a number of organic weed control methods to get rid of those pesky weeds. Different methods will suit different weeds and garden areas.

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The easiest way to combat weeds is to keep on top of them and also get them while they're small. It doesn't take long and they can get out of control.

If you are starting a new veggie patch, then get rid of the existing weeds first.

Note: as there are no super powered chemicals here, you may need to reapply. Also these are not selective so try to spray only the weeds and not grass or other plants.

  • Pull them out by hand or garden hoe (my favourite garden tool!)

  • Pour boiling water on them (this is good for driveways, paved areas).

  • Spray vinegar on your weeds. It is the acetic acid in the vinegar that does the job. Older weeds may resprout. Household vinegar has a fairly low acetic acid level but should be fine for most weeds. Higher level vinegars are available.

  • Put a teaspoon of fine salt into the heart of the weed.

  • Combine these and add some dishwashing liquid - voila a vinegar salt spray – be careful, don’t use on concrete. The salt will sterilise the soil so best to spray into the heart of the weed. Use 1 cup of salt, 1 tablespoon of dish liquid to 3.5 – 4 litres of vinegar

  • In a garden bed you can put down 6-8 layers of newspaper to keep any weeds that may be hiding. Put a layer of soil or mulch on top and you can still plant your veggies through the paper.

  • Got a weed infested area that you won’t be planting in for 3-6 months? Get some more newspaper. Put down 6-8 layers of newspaper, then 10cm of organic mulch or compost, add some blood and bone to assist composting, water well. Leaving it undisturbed will allow the weeds to die and become part of your soil.

  • Use Iron sulphate for broad-leaved weeds and moss. Add two tablespoons of iron sulphate to 4.5 litres of water, stir well and sprinkle over the weeds so they are thoroughly wet. It won’t harm lawn grasses but if you get it on your plants, wash it off with water.

  • Don't let them in! Plant something in the bare areas that weeds like to invade. A ground cover is great for larger areas.

  • You could try a weed burner for around fence lines, etc. You can buy these from the local hardware store.

  • There is also a steam weeder on the market. More for larger areas but nice to know there are options. Maybe these could be hired?

  • If you have an area that really does need spraying – ask for an organic herbicide spray to suit the job.

Organic Gardening Weed Control is not difficult, just a little more effort than walking around with the chemical spray.

When you've done your weeding, don't forget you can add (most of) them to your compost heap.

Put any diseased plants in a plastic bag and into the bin.

Don't add bulbs, roots, running grasses (like buffalo), or weeds with seeds, to your compost. You can make a Weed Tea or sauna these guys.

Check out more info on Organic Gardening Compost.