Patio Gardening, Apartment Gardening
or Balcony Gardening

So you have a small area outside that you can covert into an Organic Vegetable Garden? Fantastic, Patio Gardening it is! Not only will you have fresh veggies but you'll make your patio more attractive too.

The key here is planning. If you plan your area well you can fit in a decent amount of veggies. If you just put out a few large pots, you’ll run out of room very quickly.

Along with a window box you can grow a dwarf fruit tree. Strawberry planters are great as they have holes in the sides of the pot so more plants per pot. These can be used for herbs also, not just strawberries. Check out the latest containers at your garden center. There are many innovative new designs on the market.

Have a look at my Vertical Gardening page as this will save you space and keep your plants from getting out of control. Growing plants on a trellis is a great concept to use for plants such as cucumbers that you may not have considered growing in a pot.

I love cherry tomatoes, they grow well, have heaps of fruit and easy to grow in a pot.

You can grow veggies in hanging baskets, great for herbs.

Having your pots on wheels means you can move them into a sunny position and move them out of the way if you want to use your patio for entertaining. You can buy wheels for your existing pots or if buying new pots, look for those that have them already. Just explain what you're after to the Hardware Store or Garden Center and they'll show you the options.

Make sure you check out my Vegetable Container Gardening and Dwarf Fruit Trees.

Indoor Gardening will let you extend your garden inside! Don't forget mushrooms, you don't need a pot for these, just a dark area to store the box! More info on the Indoor Gardening page.

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