Unique Gift Ideas for a Green Thumb !

Here are some unique gift ideas for you with a gardening twist!

These unique gift ideas will suit any occasion: Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries - for young and not so young. There are some great gift ideas for kids too.

I have homemade Christmas present ideas (or any occasion actually), bought presents, creative ideas and last minute gifts ideas.

It's Christmas Time :)

Here are some free Gift Tags for you to print - I hope you like them.

Unique Gift Baskets – Gift Baskets with a twist!

Instead of the old cane basket – get a bit creative…

Use a pot for the "basket" and fill it with various items. Wrap with tissue paper (better for the environment than cellophane) and add a nice ribbon.

Some filler ideas: Small bag of potting soil; plant, bulbs or seeds or seedlings, trowel, fertilizer, water crystals, gardening book or magazine. Include a new gadget, there’s always something new at the garden center! Or choose homemade items such as soap, preserves or candles.

Great unique gift ideas for kids. Include everything they need to plant some flowers. Soil, trowel and flower seeds or seedlings and a watering can. A gift they will enjoy for more than one day as they get to look after the flowers and watch them grow.

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Herb Garden

Great idea for your "I should plant a herb garden" friend but you know they never will – now they only have to water it!

Buy some nice colored pots and plant some herbs. You can do this a few months earlier and have the herbs established.

Choose herbs that are used often such as parsley, basil and chives.

Setting up the herb garden yourself is a great option as it is cost effective and adds a personal touch.


Get organised and propagate something from your garden. Once the plant is established – re-pot and you've got a unique gift all ready to wrap.

Flower Pot Crafts

Decorate a clay pot, add a plant and voila! a personalized gift. Or you can put all of the decorating items inside the pot for your crafty friend to make themselves. This is a great gift idea for kids.

Magazine Subscription

A magazine isn't exactly a unique gift idea but we all love magazines and they can be pretty expensive. Giving a magazine subscription will give the recipient a magazine every month for 6 to 12 months.

You're bound to find a magazine to suit even the fussiest friend / family member!

Home and Garden Magazines

Gift Voucher

All large stores have gift vouchers. Ask their favourite store, they all should have one or make one up for you.

Get creative and make your own unique gift voucher. Great idea if you’re on a budget or for the teenager who never has any spare cash!

Some ideas for your voucher: - 1 hour of weeding the veggie patch - Pruning the fruit trees or the hedge - Getting the deck ready for summer bbq’s - Anything you have been asked 1 or 12 times to do but haven’t got around to doing

Non gardening ideas: - neck and shoulder massage - night off from the housework / gardening chores - dinner at a restaurant of the recipients choice

Remember though, the recipient can use this voucher at a time that suits them…

Books are always a good option.

Check out Amazon for physical books- ebooks - audio books and other gift ideas. What I love about kindle ebooks from Amazon is that you don't need a Kindle, you can read on any device, just download the free Kindle reader. There are so many books to choose from and it's easy to "gift" your purchase.  Here are a few gardening related ebooks with 4+ Star Reviews.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

  • Check out the florist for flowers or pre-made Gift Baskets.
  • Magazine Subscription – you can sign up on line.
  • Pot plant – add a bow, no wrapping required.
  • Pot - even if you have plenty of room, pots will always be part of the garden. 
    Plant mint or other invasive plants or a nice feature plant for the garden.
  • Vouchers - credit for phone - iTunes card
  • Everyone loves music - digital makes it easy!

Digital Music

Unique Gift Ideas for kids

With a little bit of thought you can get that hard to buy for "friend who has everything".  Who knows what toys the child already has or even what they like!  So let's get creative…

Gift Basket

See above.  Put a twist on the traditional cane basket and the child will love their present.  My favorite are using clay pots as the basket.  Either include everything they need to grow flowers or put craft items inside so they can decorate the pot themselves.

Make a game

The kids will use these games over and over and can even use them at their next birthday party.  Kids learn so much from playing games and it gets them away from the TV.

- Musical Lily Pads

Cut out strong cardboard (or maybe some MDF to be a bit stronger) in the shape of lily pads, leaves or flowers.  Paint them up.   The kids can use these to play a game of Musical Lily Pads – much easier than dragging the chairs outside for musical chairs.

- Treasure Hunt

Get some blank cards.  Write, draw or find magazine pictures of items that they might find outside.  ie  watering can, hose, leaves, hand trowel, etc.  Give each child one (or several) to find.  If using this game for a party, you can have a treat in each item they find.

It's a Wrap!

you have chosen something from these Unique Gift Ideas so now for the finishing touch let's get a bit creative.

  • Get kids to decorate cards and wrapping paper.
  • Use white paper, get some paint and use flowers and leaves as stencils to decorate the paper.
  • Use paintings or drawings as wrapping paper.
  • Try pressing flowers - once dried these can be glued to the front of a card.
  • Recycle your greeting cards to decorate a new one.
  • Do a Google search on quotes to find a nice inscription for your card (and your wrapping paper).
  • Magazines have great wrapping ideas around Christmas and Easter.

"The best gift you can give is a hug:
one size fits all and no one ever minds if you return it."

~ Anon