vine borer revenge!

by Zoe

This year I've had some issues with my squash, I thought it was a disease rotting my vines when infact it was bugs! these squash vine borers attacked my zucchini, butternut, and decimated my pumpkins! I've gotten revenge by digging about 3-4 inches around where my pumpkins and squash were and sifted the soil by hand - do this until you find the pupae of these damn grubs. Take a knife and cut them up or drop them in a nice hot bucket of water, they just squeak and bounce back if you try to smash them.

You know you have a pupae when you grab on to something that feels like a really nice soft piece of wood, sometimes if you put pressure on them they do a squishy sounding squeak/hiss (like water/air escaping from a bag)

You can also burn the vines of decimated plants killing the remaining grubs in them. To save vines, either make a cut in the vine near the noticeable damage, you can work the grub out and destroy it in a way of your choosing, they also like the leaf stems so keep an eye on those.

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Multi Pronged Approach
by: Anonymous

The only way I can stay ahead of borers is with a combination of control measures. I do daily inspections of my plants for eggs and have set traps to get the adult moth even if I am not doing any squash or gourds that year. And of course there is the digging of cocoons and killing the larvae. Don't bother with any pesticides since once the worm is in, it's in. Plus, encourage your neighbors to do the same.

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