Weed and Feed the veggie patch

by Michael
(United Kingdom)

Which plant can I get to keep the weeds out of Veggie Patch. At the same time feed the patch.


Thanks for your question Michael. Some tips to weed and feed your veggie patch:

Keeping weeds out

- When the patch is bare, hoe or pick all the weeds. Water the patch and let any other weeds come through and get rid of them too.

- Plant your seedlings and mulch well, this will help stop the weeds coming through.

- Make sure you have a decent border between grass and your patch so the grass doesn't invade your vegetable gardens. Raised Bed Garden is great for this.

Feeding your patch

You can plant "green manure" into your bed to put nutrients back into the soil. A good time to do this is in winter when there's not much happening in the garden.

Mix some legume seeds and any others you don't need anymore, plant and water. Legumes will add nitrogen into the soil giving it a great head start for your spring plantings.

When the plants are about to flower chop them down, either dig into the soil or leave on top as mulch.

Adding compost to your garden is also great to do. If you don't have your own you can dig some mushroom compost through the patch.

Hope that helps :)


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